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Are you on the List?

Title: Are You On the List? :A guide on how to become a modern Socialite
Authors: Kitty Brucknell, Lewis-Duncan Weedon, Olivia Cox
Publisher: So Vain Books
Publishing date: Nov. 12th, 2014
ISBN: 9780993066009
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Synopsis: Socialite: a high-profile person in society, who often engages in social activities such as parties and other exclusive gatherings. Someone who everyone wants to be.
Are you on the list? is not only a guide for looking good and feeling great, but it’s a must-have that every girl needs to be successful.

My Review:
“Are you on the list?” is a step by step guide on how to become a socialite. It opens with introducing what a socialite is and continues on to fashion, make-up, hairstyles and social does and don’ts. It is clearly intended for the girls in their late teens, and girls in particular because there are relatively few tips towards boys (other than “wear a suit and a tie”)
It does outline how to buy quality products, and how to dress for success. And the fact that it emphasizes the importance of being oneself rather than pretending to be something else is a huge plus. Faking might take you places, but it will only take you so far.
For me, the most interesting chapter was on networking because of my complete lack of skills in that area. It felt like this chapter could have elaborated and been more in-depth, though then again who would think social interactions is rocket science.

In conclusion the book seemed to be more aimed at young aspiring fashionistas rather than socialites. It is quite possible that those two terms are two sides of a coin, but my initial thought after reading the book was that this is more a book to promote fashion rather than society.