Review Policy

My reviews are written out of my honest opinion of your book. If I didn’t like your book I will to the best of my ability try to explain why and shed light on its positive sides, if I really hated it I do keep the right to not post a review.

I have no rating-system, because it messes up my brain. But I will rate you book on Amazon, Goodreads and netgalley.

The only formats I accept are: printed copies or .EPUB files. In some cases I will accept a PDF, but I’m not happy about it.

The genres I regularly review are: Paranormal fiction (no Twilight vampires please, other vampires are okay), fantasy (I love Game of Thrones & LOTR), Contemporary fiction (Taboo like Wintergirls and 13 reasons why), Science Fiction (I love the Hunger Games and Dune), Children’s fiction (Picturebooks are lovely, Missing Jack), Children’s Non-fiction (Educational like: Luna’s Red Hat), and anything with Horses.
I will consider other genres on a case by case basis, but as a rule: I have only once accepted a Historical fiction piece (don’t ask me to do historical fiction).

I can be contacted at: or contact me through my form here.


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