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The Mirror of Pharos by J.S. Landor

Title:The Mirror of Pharos
Author: J.S. Landor
Genre: Children’s Fiction & Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Limited
Publishing date: 28th November, 2017
ISBN: 9781788034159

Synopsis:Jack Tideswell’s parents died in a diving accident while exploring the underwater ruins of the ancient Pharos lighthouse. So Jack wants nothing to do with adventure. Until that is, a seagull delivers a strange disc, addressed to him in his own handwriting.
In the blink of an eye, all kinds of magic are let loose, sending Jack on a dangerous journey. Can he learn to navigate time before it’s too late to save the one person who can help him unravel the secrets of the disc?
Whether he likes it or not, there’s no more hiding away. And no looking back. Especially when Alpha is watching. A wolf who sees all there is to see

My Review:

I was very excited starting to read this book, but also quite hesitant, because the book is compared to Harry Potter and other reviewers have compared it to the early Harry Potter books. Both Harry Potter and Jack are orphans so the comparisons start already in the first chapter. Additionally it is a book that suggests ancient Egypt and I am sort of a fan of the area. However, I did find the book a bit hard to start, it did not suck me in right away and I did not get carried away with the story. For me the story moved a bit too slow, so it was too easy to just put the book down to do something else. Once I got past the first initial chapters, it was easier to keep reading and the story indulged me. The characters you meet are easy to like and imagine. The illustrations that I saw was great, but my kindle seemed to have a small issue showing the illustrations properly (or it could just be my iPad that had the issue), though I would recommend getting this book in book format rather than for kindle.

Medium Wave by Rose Zolock

:Medium Wave
Author:Rose Zolock
Genre: Paranormal thriller
Publisher: Caffeine Nights Publishing
Publishing date: April 6th, 2018

Synopsis: Becky Moran has built a career claiming to talk to the dead. A successful clairvoyant medium, a Cambridge graduate with her own radio show ‘Medium Wave’ and a team dedicated to crafting the celebrity myth – because Becky Moran is a fake. Until, one night, something supernatural, inexplicable, breaks through live in air as she is broadcasting. Becky Moran discovers the paranormal is real, the dead can indeed speak and she is being pursued relentlessly towards a battle for her very survival

Medium Wave.png

My Review:

It has been a while since I have found a book where I am caught on from the first page. Medium Wave has a beginning that sucks you straight in and keeps you hooked. The main character Becky, is interesting, mostly I found her interesting because she is a fraudster who gets turned into a “real medium” (sort of). Though the story is much about good and evil, it is also a story that is character driven. The characters seem to hop out of the pages, they seem like real people.
Medium Wave, as interesting as it is is not without a few faults. In the beginning there is quite a lot of infodumping which might have benefited better at other relevant parts of the story. Though I did not mind the infodumping that much, I did feel that it did kick me out of the story for a brief moment while it was going on before the action at the radio station quickly sucked me back in. That aside I very much enjoyed to spend time with Becky, for the other POVs I did not care as much, but I will look forward to spend more time in this bookiverse. Medium Wave is a terrific debut novel and it can only get better for here.
Medium Wave Full Banner.jpg