The Choice

Title: The Choice
Series: The Sidhe #2
Author: Cindy Cipriano
Genre: YA, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Publishing date: June 9th, 2015
ISBN: 9781922200198
Purchase Link:

Synopsis: For Calum Ranson, seventh grade brings changes in his relationship with his parents and his friends, and a confrontation with his bully. Calum’s talents have also developed to a level unheard of in the Sidhe world, and he surprises everyone when he cleverly catches the person responsible for casting Finley out from the Otherworld.
When Calum goes against everything he knows is right, he makes a choice that may cost him his friendship with Laurel. An old friend steps in, but her mysterious ways leave Calum questioning her motivation.

My Review:

Irish mythology is much complimented in this story, and it is because of the overtone of mythology that I was interested in reading this story. This book is a second book in a series, and it did not read well as a stand alone novel, but I have decided to not let that cloud my opinion of the book.
The characters were well written and came alive on the page, they were interesting even though I knew little of their background. The themes of the story were clear: friendship and loyalty, and the story was well crafted around them.
Even though “The Choice” is the second book in a series, it did easily explain the Sidhe’s world with its rules and limitations, so it was easy to get into the story and understand the realm.
As an overall, “the choice” had a good and entertaining story, which was well written with a  fastidious attention to details, but the fantasy elements could have been stronger.



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