Double Feature

Title: Double Feature
Series: Timber Ridge Riders #9
Author: Maggie Dana
Genre: Teen fiction, Sports
Publisher: Pageworks Press
Publishing date: April 13th, 2014
ISBN: 9780985150488
Purchase Link:

Synopsis: Kate McGregor’s movie-star boyfriend has been making headlines, and when Kate attends the Moonlight premiere in New York, she ends up making a headline of her own.
Then comes the Festival of Horses with an even bigger surprise. A girl from Kate’s past is tangled up with Angela’s present, and the fallout affects all of them… including Mrs. Dean who’ll stop at nothing to shove her daughter into the limelight.

My Review:

In many ways “Double Feature” was both extremely satisfying and disappointing at the same time. Old storylines are finally wrapped up, after four more than four books, we finally get a resolution to Kate’s boyproblems and we finally get to the festival of horses.
The say the boytrouble was wrapped up, was a relief but also very quickly done. Over the last five books the relationship between Kate and her moviestar boyfriend has been hyped up, as well as a relationship between Kate and Brad has been built. The need for a conclusion was raised, at least, one book ago, and it was a huge relief that this problem is sorted. The way it was sorted though was very swift and dissatisfying.
The Festival of horses is another thing which has been constantly mentioned during all the books I’ve read in the series. It was good to finally have it happening, and it was nice to see that Angela, Kate & Holly’s rival and enemy, finally starts to become more a person and less just a tool to make trouble. Angela’s humanity started to shine through in the previous book, it started to grow more during Double Feature.
Double Feature is a bit longer than the previous books in the series, probably due to more things happening, but it could have been even longer. To give the story more depth and more room to evolve it should have been about fifty pages longer, because it felt like a lot of things were thrown in on too few pages.
All in all the story was enjoyable, and it was good to see the story finally move forward (even though it felt more like a leap than a step) after a few “filler books.”


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