Title: Four
Author:Chris Johns
Publisher: Three Faced Media
Publishing date: April 29th, 2015
Purchase Link:

Synopsis: What if you realized the world faced an apocalyptic future of devastation and destruction from pollution, overpopulation and global warming… and you knew how to stop it… What would you do?

My Review:

“Four” is a book that present a unique perspective on current issues such as disease, global warming, and overpopulation. Soon it also becomes a science versus faith debate, by partnering up two main characters: one which rely on science and one with all his faith in God. Both the viewpoints are well presented.
The characters seem realistic and their actions are well founded. Each of the characters present their own set of morals and values, which makes them more like individual people and less than characters on a page.
My problem with this book was how it was formatted, as every time the author started on a new line it was a double space. This made it hard to distinguish between paragraphs and semi-paragraphs and made the copy the book seem less professional. However, pushing through the story was worth it in the end.

four banner


4 responses to “Four

  1. Thank your for featuring and reviewing FOUR. I appreciate your insights and comments. I’m not sure which e-version of the novel you received, but I apologize if there were formatting issues. In the paperback version, it double-spaces only for new paragraphs. –Chris

  2. I’m glad to hear! The version I received was a pdf-file marked “Four-Review copy” if that helps you as to locating what file.

  3. Thank you for the feedback, Lindea. I will check into it and see about getting you a proper version. — Chris

  4. Lindea, I just wanted to follow up and make sure a copy of the novel was sent to you in a better (readable) format. If not, I can get a pdf copy emailed to you. Thanks.
    — Chris

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