Day 19: Book that turned you on

It would be awfully lame of me to say that I do not read that kind of books, because I do. I just don’t think they would be appropriately advertised on this blog. If I had the wits and audacity to be conventional I would just add Fifty shades here and be done with it. But that wretched novel will never be mentioned here again, ( I made it to chapter eight for the first book before the dancing, cartwheeling goddesses and horrid writing strangled me). It was not the theme I had a problem with, it was the way an abusive manipulator was given the role of a hero.

But then again: Whether what you do is conceived as creepy or not, depends on how attractive the subject is… Edward sneaking into Bella’s room to watch her sleep…

I can’t really give a book example here. Instead I’m weird, and give you a picture of my cat in a box.



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