Day 12: Book that is most like your life

I did not really find an answer to this one as I do not believe that any book is like my life. It  book was, it would mean my life was in any way interesting. In an effort to find an answer I took several tests online that claimed to find me the book that would describe my life.
One would think I picked my favorite answer of these, but instead I went with the one test that gave me a book I have actually read: What Classic Novel Describes Your Life?

So the novel that is most like my life is Bram Stoker’s Dracula the result of the test:

Pensive and brooding with a penchant for solitary confinement, your fantastic story unfolded within the pages of Bram Stoker’s gothic classic, DRACULA. Others mistake you for ‘unhappy’ on a regular basis, but simply do not understand that you are different – and that is completely okay. You tend to shun everything else around you as you immerse yourself with whatever captivates your mind – which leads to sacrifices but ultimately ends in incredible results. Your inner workings are as fascinating as your outer layers, a true rarity.


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