Day 8: Book that scares you

Instead of mentioning a book that scares me I have decided to mention a book-series that scares me.

The hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The reasons why The Hunger Game (and then especially Mockingjay) scares me is because brilliantly highlights problems in our society. It clearly states that people who has a good life hardly care for others and that other suffering is not as important to us. “Everything is well as long as I am not the one who is unfairly treated.” And I think this is something we can already see in our society, it is not so important to help undeveloped countries develop, it is much more important to exploit their resources. And it is not so important to end war as it is to sell weapons. If it makes western countries get richer it is not that important to end poverty and hunger. Of course it is very wrong, and when we decide to help it is often for the wrong reasons (we win on helping).


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