Travel Glasses

Travel GlassesTitle: Travel Glasses
The Call to Search Everywhen
Author: Chess Desalls
Publisher: Czidor Lore, LLC
Publishing date: 13.05.2015
ISBN: 9780990379904
Purchase Link:

Synopsis: Calla Winston’s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room, covered in dust. Weeks ago, she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend. Now, after having felt the sting of betrayal, she prefers being hidden and friendless. She equates privacy with security and technology with pain.

My Review:
I was very intrigued by the premise of this book: time travel. It proved to be a light science fiction book without too much focus on technology and futuristic aspects which I appreciated. The female lead is a reasonable girl in her late teens, though at some points she is a bit too reasonable and realistic to build proper tension in the story.

Calla (The main character) is a relatable withdrawn female who has been deceived by technology just one time to many. When she meets Valcas she is pulled out of her own timeline and taken to his world, and he says it is for her own protection. When she does not comply with his plans she is locked up, which serves aw a slingshot for her to run away through space and time after stealing her captors time travel glasses.

The story is interesting and easy to follow. The chapters are short so it is a quick read because you don’t have to spend much time to get through a chapter. A lot of characters are mixed in building up for a big climax at the end. I did very much enjoy the story up until the ending which I felt was somewhat disappointing: one because I predicted it already when I was halfway through and second because I was not surprised.

Travel Glasses serves as a good first book in a series, and I will be looking forward to see what future installments might bring.


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