The Daring Assignment Review + Author Interview

Title: The Daring Assignment
Victoria Bright
Publication Date:
March 17, 2015

A Curvy Assignments Novel
I was living the dream. I had a great career as a romance author, a successful boyfriend, and am the daughter to a New York power couple. With my standing, my family groomed me to be perfect. Despite having it all, something was still missing.
My Review:
The Daring Assignment starts off very well. The Main character Arianna a rather dull young woman in a destructive relationship with Julius. Her friend Gia is quickly introduced somewhat a caricature or a sex-terapist/dominatix/sex-addict, who tried to open Arianna’s eyes up to what a life she could have without Julius. With some encouragement from her agent Arianna starts on a new project: becoming a Erotica author instead of a romance writer. By an accident she meet Zane somewhat a Greek God among men, and she starts an affair. This is where the book lost me.
Arianna could be annoying at times, but being in a shitty relationship does in no circumstances make cheating alright. At the very point she decided to go to bed with Zane, she proved herself to be just as much of a jerk as he fiance Julius.
Sticking with the book for a few more chapters were rather easy, the story unfolded in a very anticipated way. Arianna get the guts to stand up to her abusive mother and learns that her father has far more respect for her than she ever thought. Julius tries to get the relationship off in a better direction… And the book keep telling the reader what is going on instead of showing the reader.
“I could make it about a woman who is trying to find her way outside of her family’s shadow and she ends up meeting a man who practically fulfill every sexual need she could ever imagine”
Gia scoffed and waved her hand to dismiss the idea. “I was so bored with that I didn’t even listen to the whole thing”
Maybe at some point the plot should have been somewhat re-evaluated, because it was not a good move to have the protagonist address the very plot you are writing and then have it dismissed as boring.
Bottom line for this story is that it isn’t quite bad, and the idea of a curvy protagonist in an erotic novel is refreshing, very often protagonists in erotic fiction are conventionally beautiful or acceptable characters. Though the combination of putting a “prude” woman in an erotic setting and making her curvy doesn’t quite work when the writing isn’t top-notch sexy.

Author Bio:
authorpicVictoria Bright is from a small town in North Carolina and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. She has been writing since she was in the eighth grade, starting with small short stories. As her classmates began showing interest in her work, she began to write longer stories, filling multiple spiral notebooks with her thoughts. 
During her freshman year in high school, her English teacher encouraged her to enter a writing contest in which she won local, region and state levels. She has entered many writing contests since and have won a few. Figuring out she had a passion to share stories with anyone who would listen, she set out to write her first book Love Unbroken.
Victoria is very versatile in the genre of books she likes to read. Her bookchoice mostly varies on her mood, but she is particularly interested in crime stories, romance, teen fiction, sci-fi, and is now
venturing a little in paranormal fiction. As for her own writing, she doesn’t really put it into a category or genre. She just write whatever is on her mind and lets it create itself!

Interview with Victoria Bright:

What inspired The Daring Assignment?

I wasn’t technically “inspired” to write it. One of my best friends is a graphic designer and we talk a lot about the trends and such going on in the book world. She constantly pressed me about writing an erotica simply because it was “popular” thanks to FSoG. Being a prude, I dismissed the idea and refused to. She literally wouldn’t shut up about it, so I caved in and gave it a try. I figured that if I had to write it, I needed to write in a way that would relate to me in a way to make it a bit easier. Now that it’s written, I’m kind of glad I did it and am glad I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to produce something like that.

Were the characters inspired by real people or purely your imagination?

Arianna was made in my image in a way (prude, romance author, which is what I am in real life) and Gia is a mix between my best friend and myself. Gia has my best friend’s perverted, sex-crazed side while having my sarcastic, witty, humorous side. Douchebag Julius, Arianna’s horrid parents, and delicious Zane were all from my imagination. I mean, does a man like Zane really even exist? If so, I call dibs on him!

There are a few sizzling scenes with Zane. Are you writing from experience?

Ha! I wish! If they did, I wouldn’t have lived to write about it because I probably wouldn’t die from embarrassment or something. But no, they are all fiction, but very good fiction if I must say so myself.

What plans do you have for the Curvy Assignments series?

I just finished Dangerous Concoctions, which picks up from Zane’s point of view. His book is the biggest book I’ve written to date, sitting at 100K words. His book is more of an erotic suspense, as you get a taste of his past and how it alters his life when it mixes with his current life. I’m also doing a book for Gia as well, but it’s untitled at the moment. After writing Zane’s book (which is full of sex, omg), I think I need to cleanse my writing palate and write something different before I settle down with Gia. I’m hoping to have Zane’s book published in June! It’s with my editor and publisher now, so the process has just started for it.

What are you working on now?

I’m about to start a book that will shine light on Lupus, a disease that I battle every day. May is Lupus Awareness month and I would like to publish a book with a character battling the things I deal with on. I feel that since I have the platform to spread awareness about something that affects me greatly, it would be a cool idea to put my struggles into the form of a story.

How can readers keep up with updates about you and your books

There are multiple ways! I post things to my blog on my author website (I’m a bit bad at that, but whatevs) at You can sign up for my newsletter and the bottom of the home page (you have to click on the home button once you choose to either go to the erotica or romance side). You can also like my Facebook. If you have twitter, you should totally tweet me at @authorvictoriab. It’ll definitely make me feel special!

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