The Night Horses

Title: The Night Horses
Author: Anaka Jones
Publisher: Anaka Jones
Publishing Date:: 26.02.2015
Purchase Link:
ISBN: 9781452882789

In “The Night Horses”, Anaka Jones creates a playful children’s book that imagines the secret lives of barn horses who chatter, chow, play and work all while their owners are away.

My Review:
The Night Horses is a short, comedic story about a day in a horse lives. All the horses at the stable are presented to the reader, and then the fun begins. The story doesn’t have any sort of plot, but it is a well-rounded story, and it is humorous that the horses are given human characteristics. For example one of the horses is a comedian during the night, and two other horses does each other’s hair and make up.
I did find the story cut and funny, but I don’t feel like it is one I will read again. It should have been a bit more of a story in the book. Maybe if the book was twice as long (it only has fourteen pages) it would have some sort of story o it and feel more like a book.


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