Return to Sleepy Hollow

Author: Dax Varley 

Garden Gate Press

Published: 26.08.2014

When I started reading “Return to Sleepy Hollow” I was not aware that it was a sequel to a previous book. After starting to read I quickly understood that this was a sequel, but I decided to keep on reading without looking into the first book.
As a stand-alone book this book is not particularly good, as it reads more as a “conclusion” to the previous story. However, I was intrigued by the characters and liked to see the world they lived in. The romance was not too apparent in this book, even though it is a romance novel, and I like how the book explores the lives of the “common people” rather than focus on the rich and beautiful as many historical romance novels do. The main-character used to be a wealthy and have to quickly learn how to live as a commoner because of what happened in the previous book.
Also I wish the story had been a little longer, I felt like it could have been a good stand alone story as well as a sequel and conclusion. By the end of the book I was able to understand what had happened in the previous book and how Katerine ended up where she ended up, which was good because then the book could be read and understood without relying on the reader to have read the first one. Still I don’t think the book stand entirely on its own legs, and would have liked to see more story.


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