The Pharaoh’s Daughter

cover62016-mediumA Treasures of the Nile Novel

Author: Mesu Andrews

WaterBrook Press

Published: 17.03.2015

One of my favorite areas of study in History is Ancient Egypt, and I did to some degree enjoy this book. A lot is uncertain when it comes to biblical fiction and and the authors base arguments are somewhat weak in some areas, though it is easy to tell that there is an extensive research process behind this book.

The voice of this story is strong and it is easy to follow the narration, And though some thing are hard to determine I think I would have liked to see some more historical accuracy in some places (ex. King Tu had no children, so it is unlikely that Moses was born during his reign). The inaccuracies did not take away from my enjoyment of the book and I would gladly recommend it..


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