Sky Rider

Author: Nancy Springer
Open Road Media Teen & Tween
Published: 30.12.2014 ||

The premise of Sky Rider was very interesting and good. The story of a ghost struggling to come to terms with his death, an alcoholic father he struggles to come to terms with his alcoholism and how it injured his daughter.
The story, though, seem a bit rushed, and the characters aren’t developed well. The story feels very superficial and the characters feels like characters, not people. As a book first published in 1999 I think it holds some standard, but as a book being republished in 2014 I feel like it is a story that I have read one time too many without having anything new contributing to it.

I did though very much enjoy the ghost to ghoul or angel aspect of the story, but I felt like it was only the beginning of a story and it ended where the story should have started. A guardian angel on a horse would a great story. The fact that the ghost name is Skye Ryder might be a bit much, when the books title is Sky Rider.

I will end it on a positive note and say that the story was entertaining and the story had a good and steady pace.


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