Love Volume 1: The Tiger

Author: Federico Bertolucci
Magnetic Press
Published: 10.02.2015 ||

I loved this book. There are no words, but the images tells the story perfectly. The story of the unforgiving jungle is both beautiful and sad.
The images provokes my imaginations and I could hear the sound of the jungle, the fighting for food and the fight for survival. Even with the lack of words I feared for the life of both hunter and prey, and the book presented a moral question in whether or not it is necessary to kill to survive. In nature it is “Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten” and the end of the story proves that humans are also included in the jungles dietary system.
And though I am feeling for all the animals in this book I also can’t help myself but to feel for the Tiger as well. I wish for the tiger to find food, but I also wish for the prey to get away and survive.


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