Leaving things for last minute

I work well under pressure. But I do my best work when I have a full-ranged panic attack. At least that is how it seems to me. Whenever I have put large amount of work into something, worked on it for days or even weeks I seems to get less positive feedback. When I do something last-minute or when I improvise my presentations I do better than when I have spent a lot of time preparing it.

I think that is why I have developed this bad habit of always doing things last-minute. Like today I wrote my whole take home test in 4 hours (thank you Norway for routinely have five-hour exams I guess…), and I am quite confident I did far better on that, and I feel like that writing was far better than my half attempt to start last week.

The thing is in four hours I wrote 2500 words (four short essay) and did a read through and I feel like I did okay. Whenever I put a large amount of work into anything I get anxious and stressed out, feeling like I could have done better and keep obsessing over small details that probably wouldn’t matter anyway.

So on a general basis I feel like it is easier for me to just leave things to the last-minute. Today I did cut it a bit closer to the finish line than I would have preferred, I would have liked to got started yesterday but for various reasons I postponed it. Maybe I postponed it because I thought it was easy, critiquing fiction has always come easy to me and I write naturally in essay form.

Hopefully I did not do too bad on it, we will probably get it back graded in a few weeks. And hopefully I did okay or good. I’ll just have to wait and see.


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