Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending an Emilie Autumn concert at Oakland Metro. It was a rather interesting (and cold) affair. It was a part of her Fight like a girl-tour and I thought the show was absolutely amazing. I did not stay long after the concert as it was very cold and I was freezing, but I did buy a plague rat sweat shirt, and I did meet some nice people (that I probably never will see again).

WP_20131208_002 WP_20131208_003 WP_20131208_004 WP_20131208_006 WP_20131208_007 WP_20131208_008 WP_20131208_011 WP_20131208_013 WP_20131208_014 WP_20131208_015 WP_20131208_016 WP_20131208_018 WP_20131208_019 WP_20131208_020 WP_20131208_021 WP_20131208_022 WP_20131208_023


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