Asleep by Elizabeth Darcy *review*

To be honest I have not read the first book in the story but from its title I expected it to be more like fairytales than it was. When I read the feeling which often is to find in a fairytale was absent to me. Also the lack of magic made it sound less like a fairytale and more like just another story. The narrator which was third person narrative was very suiting for the genre but it did not make it very easy to connect with the characters.

Because of the disconnecting narrative voice it was hard to conceive the world the author tried to build. One thing was especially the heroine warrior which seemed to be the only female warrior, I still have not got this on the clean. Also the flashbacks were not very well defined and I struggled with the jumping back and forth.

As a story I enjoyed it, but when at times it got rather confusing. What I did enjoy rather well was new way of portraying the story. The story is a reimagining of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the enjoyable twist is that it is not a damsel in distress but rather the prince that is kidnapped and the princess that has to save him (Though this did introduce some confusion considering she seemed to be the only female warrior).

As an overall this will not be one of the books I love, but it was enjoyable enough to read with is well-known storyline and turn of events.


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