London calling

English: A street in Surbiton, near the station.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I moved to London last week, to be more precise I moved to Surbiton to attend Kingston University.

This year I will be living in Halls at the Uni with 5 flatmates which all are rather nice. I’ve just got all the kitchen equipment I need to make food during this year so I guess I won’t be starving either, thought I’ve more or less lived on other’s food the last coupe of days.

I like living here a lot. Two Squirrels lives in the three outside my window, and if I knew how to connect my new Blackberry (for the first time in my life I have a fancy phone) I would post pictures of them and my room and Kingston and everything. Unfortunately my computer refuses to be connected to my blackberry and it doesn’t like the way my blackberry stores it’s files (probably because the blackberry is so awesome that my computer is afraid it will be replaced by it).

The last couple of days I’ve been sick, down with the flu. I’ve had a fever and I’ve felt so terrible that I almost though I would die and on the top of that I’m so insanely homesick. It’s my own fault that I got the flu, because I walked home from a party in Kingston to Surbiton barefoot and without a jacket (because my feet hurt from the heels and I didn’t have any flats with me and I forgot my jacket at home). My Viking blood isn’t very strong when it comes to cold I guess.

To day one of my flatmates were kind enough to give me some of his German medicine and it worked perfectly for hours and I went shopping. At the mall I walked by a beauty saloon that sold treading with my snooty nose and my feverish head I decided to try a facial treading. It f**king hurt, like crazy! And the most insane part is that I’ll probably do it again…

The mall I went to was rather big and I can’t understand that I haven’t went there before (I’ve lived her for a week and haven’t been to the mall once). I bought some books (The Power of Six & The Rise of Nice by Pittacus Lore and Pegasus and the Flame & Pegasus and the Fight for the Olympus by Kate O’Hearn) and I bought some plastic boxes so I can finally sort my underwear and get that in some sort of system (sorry too much info I’m so sorry), I also bought some new pants and a dress (which was very pretty but I probably will never find the occasion to wear) and some shirts. The thing I needed to buy was flats and I didn’t buy any.

Uni doesn’t start properly until next week, but it’s the freshers fayre and I have to sign up for at least one society to have an extra curriculum activity thing. For now I’m considering (and I think I also signed up for) The History society, the M.A.D. history society, the Rock and metal society, the wine society, KUSU volunteering, The United Nations Association society, the cinema society and Taekwondo. Well if I signed up for all of those I will be very busy, I’m blaming the flue because I just wrote my name down everywhere to avoid talking because I couldn’t hear sh*t.

Other things I’ve done here in London: “I’ve been on a London walking tour which was absolutely hilarious, and I’ve been on a Harry Potter tour which wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be (mostly because of me having a hangover and being feverish). I’ve joined a local gym which is small and not very friendly but it’s got the equipment I need, I miss my old gym like crazy.

I think I’ll start reviewing books again soon, not as frequently as before, but I’ll review a few. There will be some reading in one of my modules (Reading for Writer) and I will review the books we read there and now I kind of feel like I want to start reading again.

There, I think I’ve summed up mostly what’s been going on in my life lately. It’s a lot to adjust to here, but hopefully I will get better and hopefully I will make more friends as now I’m pretty much by myself most of the time unless I go out with my flatmates.

This is me in Kingston, with a cat-jumper, because I love cats and I miss my cat at home.



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