Diablo III


Yep, I’m hooked. I pre-ordered this game and have been playing, literally, from May 15th.

I remember I played Diablo when i was small. A friend had the games and we used to play together. Diablo II: Lord of destruction is the game I remember the most, I used to play druid and I miss him in Diablo III (the Which Doctor class is kind of like the Druid class from Diablo II but not the same).

The class I play the most in Diablo III is Wizard and until to day I think I have several Wizard heroes but I decided to delete them and have mainly one.

Considering that I have my first oral exam on Friday I really shouldn’t play right now, but I’m absolutely hooked. I love, love, love this game, and I’m currently finishing off Act III (a little slow since I’ve been playing on several heroes). The Public game function is frequently used on all my heroes except the main wizard (whom is in the screen shot above).

As for the hard-core function I’m really liking that one too, but then I prefer to use a monk as the wizards are more or less unable to block any incoming attacks and loses life faster than…. I don’t know what.

Do you play Diablo III? What do you think of it?

If you want to feel free to add me as friend BattleTag: Lindea#2236 (I’m playing on both Europe and Americas, but mostly on Europe.)

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