Time for a writing update

The last couple of time I’ve been very engaged in writing, but it hasn’t entirely been my writing because I’m co-working on a very ambitious project. The last two years has been used on writing drafts and rewrite drafts and define the dos and don’ts of our world.
However this project has now escalated into something ever more ambitious, since we have decided to take our writing into a hard-core fantasy setting. We are creating our own world with maps, religions, languages, countries and of course magic. So this is a very big and very ambitious project that easily can be dragged down into failure, but we are trying and we are working very thoroughly on it.

Many would probably argue that people who are not linguists should not create languages, but we hope to prove it wrong. But if the languages don’t work, it will be no problem with erasing them, they won’t be the key to the story.

Right now it’s the world map that we are working very hard on and it’s starting to get into some shape.

kart landegrenser

This is only a part of the world though, and the poles will be moved further south and north (etc.) and made smaller as we’re not done with the whole map yet. So there will be a quite a few changes to that map and it will be made bigger and another continent or so will be added.


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