What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

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Isn’t that the question we are all asking ourselves? Isn’t it the question everyone demands an answer to? When we were small it was alright to say that “I want to be a fireman” or “I’ll be an astronaut.” But now people expect you to have all your cards ready and in front of you. They expect you to know what you want to do and that you have made a plan and know how to get there.

But seriously how can you know? And why is only some answers acceptable? I use to say that I’m going to be an author, and everyone expect me to have something else planned just in case I fail. Which has resulted in me attending a completely wasted year in college this year, not to mention my application for further education…. I’m just not going to talk about that now…

Believe me, I know that becoming an author and make a living of writing will be hard. I know it will take hard work and hours, I know I won’t get paid much and I don’t except to write a bestseller on my first try. It might take 20 years before I write something that more than just a few people like to read. I have never said that I’m going to get rich from writing because I know that it is very rare, after all I’m an avid reader and know about  a lot of authors and read their blogs and websites. Who is better equipped to be an author than an avid reader? The more you read the better you write.
But why do everyone feel the need to express how hard it is to become an author? Why can’t they just wish me luck? I’m well aware that writers don’t make much money, but I also know that if you keep doing what you love to do things will most likely work out in one way or another.

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Here’s a thing about me: I know that I’ll be a writer or I probably won’t ever get a job. I’m a dreamer. I live in my fantasy. I have to write or I’ll grow insane, I mean really inside. A week without writing for me and you’ll find me depressed or angry or deeply frustrated. A week without writing is like a year without rain: all the plants would die. Writing is what keeps me going, it’s what makes me tick.

I’m so much better in my imagination,
but I know I’m not allowed to live in it.
–Melissa Horn.

I feel really bad when I don’t write, I write every day. So yes, I’m going to write and read books for the rest of my life. Not because it’s a wise choice, but because it it what I want and what I desire. Writing is my life and my way of living. I just wish others could see that to, that this is important to me, that this is my life. No one is better equipped to decides the turns of my life than me.
In 2010 I finished my first novel (which I had been writing on since 2008), and I’ve been editing it since then, I got the patience it takes to be a writer and I’ve proved that I can finish a novel, I can finish another one. Then it’s just the business to be published (finding an agent/a publishing house) but I’m not in a rush so I’ll take my time.  But please, please, stop telling me to have a plan B because there is none, I never hear someone who wants to be a lawyer being told to have a plan B, respect my choice. Please.


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