Day 11: One thing you hate about the series:

It’s not exactly a thing about the series, but as I wrote yesterday I hate the “love triangle”-thing. There isn’t a love triangle in The Hunger Games, yes Katniss is a bit in love with Gale and stuff but at the end of the day they’re still just friends. People try to make it about something it’s not, The Hunger Games is about oppression and injustice, it is about revolution and rebellion. The “love-triangle” barely exist and mostly it exist merely in the head of the reader because SPOILER everyone knows there never will be Katniss and Gate because they are too much alike, it would be a self-destructive relationship.

So I really hate it when people talks about the “love triangle” and compares it to Twilight. I’ve liked both of them and I can honestly say they are nothing alike: Twilight is a cheesy romance triangle for young adults, the hunger games is a book about freedom and rebellion and standing up against injustice and is written for teenagers/children.
The heroine in both are different too: Katniss is a strong, independent girl who fights for what she believe in, Bella is a love sick awkward girl who wants most in the world to spend the rest of her life behind a kitchen sink like a good Mormon lady. While Bella stands by and watched her ‘men’ fight, Katniss takes the battle into her own hands. So I can’t really see many similarities between The Hunger Games and Twilight beside that the books are hugely popular and I just The Hunger Games got a little labelled when Stephenie Meyer recommended it on her blog. I know the fact that Meyer recommended her readers to read The Hunger Games kept me away from reading it, and I really regret not giving the book a chance right away, because if I have to make a comparison between those two books it will sound like: “The hunger games are much better.”

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3 responses to “Day 11: One thing you hate about the series:

  1. I agree, it’s hardly a love-triangle when nothing romantic seems to exist between Katniss and Gale in the first place. I believed they are just good friends with a strong bond but it never really develops into something more. I can’t believe i wasted my time with Twilight when the Hunger Games has been around for about the same amount of time, and The Hunger Games is far superior to Twilight – there is definitely NO comparison between the two!

    • Yes, I just hope that this comparing it to Twilight thing is just a marketing strategy and that they won’t make up a new Katniss-gale-peeta thing in the next two movies.

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