Don’t cry, Disney owns the right to that Emotion. STOP ACTA

I’m against all forms of censorship, piracy will not be concurred by censorship. ACTA is not the answer either, it’s just as bad as SOPA.
And anyway: And what is so bad about Filesharing? Most movies produced today are total ripoff from one successful movie. I don’t really want to watch basically the same movie over and over.
I see most the movies I want to see in the cinema and never buy them later, and many of them I regret I paid more than a penny to watch because it was exactly the same as the previous move I saw. Hollywood is “in the box” and forgets to thing of the originality they can find on the outside of it.

Anyway I think people should get paid for the job they’ve done, but I also think the price should be adjusted to the product. I don’t want to pay £10 (that’s about what it costs to go to the cinema in Norway) to watch a movie a high school teenager could have put together in a few weeks and posted in parts on YouTube.


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