Rest stop 1 & 2. Movie review.

This is the first time to me to say that the sequel to a horror movie actually is better than it’s prequel. Rest stop (2) don’t look back is much more entertaining than its sister.
Rest stop 1 is made in 2006 and I was told by someone that I just had to watch this movie and it’s sequel because: “they’re so very,very, very good and they’re so disturbing and so violent.” Well, if I want to watch a violent movie I watch “Saw” or “Hostel” or maybe “The last house of the left” (not the remake), end of story. And since  I like those movies, I just didn’t seem to see any disturbing parts in these movie. It was about 4 –5 violent scenes in the first one, but none of them lasted for long (top 4 sec each). And for the record when this line: “This road isn’t even on the map” was uttered I knew it would be a terrible movie. How many movies hasn’t that line been in? How many movies isn’t there about a girl running around in the middle of nowhere chased by a creepy guy in a truck?  There were so many problems with this movie: Why didn’t she ever start walking toe 60 mils to the next civilisation instead of staying at the rest stop night after night? Why did she start seeing ghosts? Why did the killer chase her? How could the killer just disappeared into nothing now and then?
My two last questions was answered in the sequel, a movie which was better than the first one. In the second one it’s actually shown some violence, instead of just all-done-tortured ghosts.

As an over all, both this movies were pretty much various garbage-clichés scraped together to make a movie to entertain an audience that didn’t require much uniqueness to be  entertained. The sequel is better than the first one, but it cannot be watched if you haven’t watched the first one (I guess). The sequel makes much more sense than the first one, and I think these two movies was intended to be two movies because the story was so tight. It can also be that these movies were a shoot at trying to create a new franchise like “Saw” or “Hostel”, but it failed because of the high amount of clichés.  Both movies had the same writer, John Shiban (“The X-files,” “Vampire diaries” & “Supernatural”), he did also direct the first one. Shawn Papazian, directed the second one, but he produced the first one.
Most of the actors reprised their role in the sequel (Rest stop Don’t look back), which makes me think it was supposed to become a franchise. The sequel also has an open ending, like the first one. Maybe there will pup-up a third on in 3D sometime (I sure hope not).

I haven’t given any of these movies point on a scale 0-10, and I’m not intending to.

Rest stop (2006) Trailer.



2 responses to “Rest stop 1 & 2. Movie review.

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  2. WhT the F. Didnt jess die in the first movie. Thats bull shit

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