Student Recruitment Fair in Lillestrøm

Right crossroad sign in Israel

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I thought the student recruitment fair in Lillestrøm was in February, but it was held in January. Today all my schools graduation students went to the student recruitment fair.  Hopefully most of them found out what they want to study next year, or found out that they don’t want to study anything.

For me, this fair made it all a lot worse. There is so many things I want to do, so many subjects I want to study so many places I want to be. At the Fair there were representatives from schools all over Norway, from schools in Hungary, Germany, Canada, UK, US, Slovakia, Bali. There were something for everyone.

I still want to study ancient history, and I’m going to study ancient history. For now, my study-destination is unknown and I’ll have to send out applications for all the universities I find interesting and offer the type of subjects I want to study.
Of course I still want to study at Trinity College in Dublin, but I’m also open to other options. Fro example: I could study ancient history at The university of Birmingham, or I could study Egyptology at a university in London. I can decide later, when I find out where I am accepted.

One thing’s for sure, I will enter the student-environment this autumn, I just have to find out where.


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