Book review: Angel by L.A. Weatherly


Before Christmas I finished reading Angel by L.A. Weatherly. This book is basically about evil angels, it says that humans got it all wrong. The angels is the reason behind disease and if you meet one and it feed from you, you are doomed to a horrible life. And then we have the hero and the heroine *In the book we get to know our hero first. He is an AK (Angel-killer), and he works for the CIA. He drives a fancy car, he has his trunk loaded with weapons and everything he owns. His father started the AK-organisation, but after a while CIA took. Alex has a troubled past, nightmares haunts him.

Our heroine in this book is Willow. She’s one of those persons who never really fit in anywhere, but for her it isn’t without a reason. Willow is half angel, but she doesn’t know. In the beginning she is portrayed as the town’s witch: she do “readings” where she can se people’s hopes, dreams, regrets and future. Beside the occult stuff, she is good at repairing cars.

‘The story has a slow start, you get to know what’s going on and what isn’t written is easy to guess. Nothing really surprised during this book, most of what happened I guessed before it happen some things I guessed long before it happened.  The ending is pretty predictable, mostly because it’s the fist book in a book-series.

You go through a hunter-becomes-the-pray-story, where new words like “angelburn” (more about it in the spoiler section below) and “angelkiller” is added to your vocabulary. The main characters travels across the US with various angel attacks and they eventually figure out that they both love each other.

I might obsess about small and stupid details but we know from the start that the angels comes from a different world. The think I can’t accept about it is that “angel” is a human name for those creatures, they wouldn’t really necessary be named that in their own world and there are given no explanation for how they came to refer to themselves as “angels”. They might be angels, but then wouldn’t they be the ones who wrote the Biblical texts? If they did, that should have been mention somewhere in the book, because it is written in different point of views.
But again, that might being me obsessing about worthless details.

As an overall I think this book was okay. It wasn’t a great book, but it’s worth a read. The characters are believable enough and the story is okay, but it doesn’t create a WOW-effect during reading. This isn’t a book I’ll read multiple times, I’ve read it and now I’ll but it in my bookshelf until someone wants to borrow it.

New for 2011, I’ll start to give books points from 0 – 10, where 10 great and 0 is lousy, it’s the number on top of this post.


SPOILERS from here and on

It’s easy to know that there is something wrong from the start, because the angels are described as aggressive, and the angel Alex kill first doesn’t try to attack. And then it’s even easier to guess that CIA and “The angel project” are infiltrated by the angels. The story become a predator and pray game where Willow and Alex drives across the US to try to get the one they think might be their only ally left in the world, thanks to a brief phone call in another’s point of view it’s easy to guess that this person will have an angel-burn.
People get an angelburn when an angel have fed from them (taken parts of the persons energy), after getting a burn they go all crazy and just loves and worships the angels. Angelbruns causes diseases like cancer and HIV etc. This part of the tale I didn’t like, probably because I’ve had cancer when I was a child and how the book tells of the terrible life those with a angelburn must endure.



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