Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movie review

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I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was little (or smaller) and I was very anxious to see the first part of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. And that’s what it is, it is a part 1, and it feels like a part 1. You kind of get the feeling you got when you watched the first Lord of the ring movie, those are movies that are tied so tightly together that it’s almost impossible to watch one of them without watching the next one. After two and a half hour I would gladly have stayed in the cinema for another two hours to watch part two and I’m sure other Harry Potter fans would done it too.

It sums down to this: I loved this movie, I liked it a lot and I’m dying to see part II. I’ll hate to watch part II because then I’ll know that it’s over and there will be no more movies. But part I surely did it’s job. During the movie much stuff is explained and that must be great for the people who haven’t read the books. As for me it got a bit boring in parts but I still enjoyed watching it.
One thing that really annoyed me was the 3D filming. This movie is shot with 3D cameras but the 3D-effect isn’t added. I dislike 3D because they always use the same basic scenes and for people who can see 3D (I can’t because I’m blind on one eye and therefore I see nothing in 3D at all) the effect often gets boring and not that amazing.

Of all the movies I think this movie might be one of those I like the most, and it stays true to the book. This movie couldn’t stay more true to the book than it was.

A few reviewers have commented on Daniel Radcliffe’s acting in this movie and they haven’t been very nice. As for me I see that he has certain limitations, but I also keep in mind that Harry Potter is a bit awkward, he’s not a regular person he is reserved and he is afraid.

Bellatrix in this movie was amazing (Helena Bonham Carter always is), and I loved both Hermione and Ron. The two deaths in the beginning was a little quick, they could have made a little more buzz about. And Jamie Bower was great with a big G for the brief moments he was in it and I look forward to see him more in the next one.

On an overall I’m very satisfied with this movie and I liked it a lot. I’m sure I’ll watch it again.


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  3. Overall I really enjoyed the movie, it has a runtime of about 145mins but I went into the theatre and it felt like the movie was about 20min long. I would encourage anyone who enjoys the Harry Potter series to not hesitate, and go watch this movie and not wait until it finally releases on DVD. Overall rating 9/10.-advertising

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