“We are vikings, we got stubbornness issues.”

I’ll post a brief movie review as promised.

The movie starts out with a brief explaining of what kind of people there are in the village on the island and their rare problems. Most people suffer from mosquito bites or they got mice and rats problems. The little village Hiccup (the main character) lives in got dragon-problems. Most people would’ve run from the island, but Hiccup’s people are vikings, they got stubbornness issues.

Hiccup is a tiny viking and his main problem is that his is the viking chieftain’s son. As a viking he is expected to be strong and as the leader’s son much more is expected of him. Hiccup had been a disappointment to his father and the village all his life, and his father has refused him to join dragon training (training to prepare the teens to fight dragons). His father is talked into let Hiccup starts dragon-training.

By pure luck he managed to capture a Night Fury, a dragon no man have ever seen. Through observation Hiccup learn to get a long with dragons, which instantly performance on the training-arena. He also learns that the dragons aren’t mean creatures who kill at once they get the chance to, they are just protecting themselves.
Soon he is pointed out to be the first of the teens to kill his first dragon. In wait for the day he’ll kill the dragon, an accident make him reveal the Night Fury to Astrid (a teen which Hiccup is in love with) and they discover the dragon lair, where a much more dangerous dragon than they’ve ever seen is waiting to be fed by the lesser dragons.

I though this movie was very nice, it’s very cute and it got it’s charm. But I do think there are a few movies to many that centers on the topic where a son need to get his fathers approval and earn his respect, and above all save his people.
There is nothing wrong with the movie,  but it was a little predictable.
I enjoyed watching this movie, and it had many fun moments to laugh at, in other words: a great family movie.

“We’re vikings. It’s a occupational hazard”


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