Business Plan: Building Brand Identity. Book Review.

Earlier this week I got this book form the Author Jess C. Scott to review this on my blog and

Business Plan: Building Brand Identity is a book that’s easy to read, it goes straight to the point and don’t walk too much around what it’s trying to say. Very often when I read non-fiction books I find that I read a book which is written for you to buy the book which explain what the first book is saying, this book wasn’t like that.

By reading Business Plan: Building Brand Identity you get a great introduction how the bookmarked works, and you get to see what benefits indie publishing has. I’ve almost went pro-indie while reading it (I still want to try traditional publishing first, I guess). Jess C. Scott uses her own books and blog to illustrate what she is saying instead of using a made up example.
You can tell that this book is well written and easy to under stand. I haven’t studied marketing or read anything about it or marketing analysis before and I still understand what I’m reading.
It’s also a plus that this books actually shows you what to do without being a 300 paged book. This book contains 35 sides packed with essential information, which makes it bearable to any reader.

This is a book I recommend people to read, because it’s really useful. I bet I’ll get back to this book at a later point and reread it and take more of its tips with me along the road.


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  2. Hi Lindea,

    Much thanks for the review (: — and all the best with traditional publishing (OR indie, if you decide to embark on that one day!).

    I think the track-backs/pinging works automatically when you link directly to blog posts — I’ve linked back to this page of yours (from my blog). The trackback should appear some time.

    Take care / had some problems with my print PDF files for next book (just fixed). Have to continue on a few “strategic marketing” assignments + tweaks for the other book I’d like to try and publish by December 2010.

  3. Thanks for the heads up – it looks like a good book, very practical, which is just what I need if I’m gonna go indie . . .

    • Hope you get a clearer view on what you want, I really recommend this book as it’s a very straight to the point and not lurking around the point like books in this genre usually do.

      Wish you good luck with the process of choosing what’s best for you 🙂

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