Neil Gaiman genius.

I wrote it when I wrote my review on Coraline; “Neil Gaiman is an incredible author who creates his world in a way you just have to believe; no matter what he write, he gives it life” (to make it easy; the man is a genius). There is absolutely something about his books that just catch me and make me keep reading.

Coraline is one of my absolute favorite books, another of my favorites is also written by Neil Gaiman. The book I’m talking about now is of course about “The Graveyard book”.

A short resume:
You meet the little boy called Bod (Short for Nobody) Owens, you follow him from a toddler to a teen; it could really be that easy. There is just one twist about this young boy that’s growing up; he is raised by ghosts in a graveyard.

Gaiman creates this wonderful world with ghost, vampires and hell hounds, a place you can drift away to in a busy day. I prefer to listen to this book on audio-book, but it’s also a great book with many wonderful illustrations. A book I would have loved even more if I was a ten-year old when I read it the first time.
This book is an absolute “have to read”.


2 responses to “Neil Gaiman genius.

  1. Kiwie//Kristine

    I love Neil Gaiman.
    I just finsihed “the Graveyard Book” actually, and I liked it a lot. I’m reading “Anansi Boys” now^^

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