Sisters in Sanity

Sisters in Sanity is another great book written by Gayle Forman (author of ‘If I stay’)

Gayle Forman is an author that likes to combine retro perspective with a chronological course of action, which is something she pulls of big time. At once you are getting into on of her books you can’t put it down (Which explains why I managed to read this book withing four hours.)
You get tossed right into the story, without knowing anything about the main character and then slowly you get introduced to the main character who she is now and who she used to be.
Sisters in Sanity is about a girl whose father sends to an american boot camp. At the boot camp their main priority in therapy is to break down the teenager before starting working on their “issues”. Which rather makes the teenager into a robot than cures them.

The main character is a sixteen year old girl named Brit Hemphill. She got sent to Red Rock Academy (which in reality is a boot camp not an academy) by her father because she stays out late with her band. At first she doesn’t know that it’s her father that decided to send her, but thinks it is her stepmother.
On Red Rock Brit get to know four other girls: Virginia, Martha, Bebe and Cassie. Together they form the group ‘Sisters in Sanity’. They have to have secret meetings as Red Rocks don’t allow people to have friends.
These five girls are all in on that the methods used at the place isn’t fair and that they are wrong. For example: Martha is an overweighted girl: in groups therapy she get called things that a normal school would give you detention for or might even get you expelled for.
On a hill-walk Martha collapse and get into a coma because og the lousy food they gets there, this makes the girls more eager to get the whole place closed down. That operation gives them much trouble.

While reading the book you get really shocked. Some things that is happening is really unbelievable, and it doesn’t really help when you find out that this book is actually based on reality. Even though; Red Rock is a fictional place, I have no trouble with thinking that these things actually could have happened.

Sisters in Sanity is a really moving book about friendship, love and put authority on an edge. A moral that tells you that you have to fight your own battles and not hide in fear.


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