The – only – good thing about Christmas.

christmas 2007

Image by paparutzi via Flickr

I’m not a fan of Christmas, believe it or not, I look upon Christmas and think that it is the one time a year when nasty people are nice and people who usually can’t stand each other exchange a small nice “merry Christmas” the last day at work/school.

Once upon a blue moon Christmas had a meaning, and I’m not talking about the birth of Jesus (he was most likely born in the fall not in December), I’m talking about the celebration of the winter solstice. Once upon a time, the festival we call Christmas was Yule, and it celebrated the turning sun. In the end of December the sun turn, and we will get longer and longer days.

What as become of Christmas? I’m afraid it’s nothing more than an excuse for people to be nice and for people to count how many and how expensive Christmas-gifts they got this year. Did they get more or less than last year? Did they get more gifts than their best friend, their neighbor or cousin?

Since Christmas is all about the presents now, I found that I had  much more fun buying presents than receiving them this year and I wish I had more people to buy presents to.

This, however, brings me to reveal the – only – good thing about Christmas, Christmas which these days is the symbol of Consumerism, and I will say (not in disrespect to anyone) the absolute best thing this Christmas is all the books I got (I’m staying true to the spirit of consumerism  here).

What do you think is the only good thing about Christmas, or what do you enjoy the most?

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6 responses to “The – only – good thing about Christmas.

  1. Lindea, I am so glad you wrote this post, for I agree with you 100 percent. I think people need to be nice to each other ALL the time, and I find it incredibly fake that some people feel that as long as they’re “nice” during Christmas it makes up for them being nasty the rest of the year!

    If I like someone, I will buy them a gift whenever I want, not just because some date on the calendar says I should.

    I like to celebrate the Winter Solstice myself :-)

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  3. You can change your mind, isn’t it?
    The Winter Solstice Festival may be beautiful, nut you may enrich your heart with more, don’t you?

    My Idea about Christmas is related with the spirit of Christmas and how we can build around for our own sake.

    People are as we want to be: if we play “nice games”, they will respond almost the same.

    But I start to build limits, such as: buy gifts only for those I really care, but if I consider that others also could enjoy gifts, well, I would reconsider my opinion and be nice also with them – but also with limits.

    This is my behaviour and it seems that is working, I am not hurt, they are not, the atmosphere is there and spend less money, time in directions that are not so attractive/suitable for me, and, in stand, allocate my time, my energy for persons that I really care and love!!! My batteries are up when I share the same ideas and hopes, and love, of course, with the ones that I love. It is not always related with gifts, it is more related with the spirit.

    Once upon a time, when my daughter was a small girl she made me a wonderful gift: a drawing with a heart and this was her present.Later, she presented Cinderella as a play, specially for me. These are moments that brought the spirit and special gifts that are normally available in a shop. These gifts are coming from heart and are going up to the head and spirit.

    Did you change your mind? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    Have a nice New Year Eve!!!

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