What is a YA-novel? What genre fits my manuscript?

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 Can everything be a Young Adult novel? From what I’ve read, it’s most likely. Twilight is a YA-novel, Hush Hush is a YA-novel, Fallen, EyeLash, If I stay, Sisters in sanity, 13 reasons way, Lust, Ghostland, they are all Young Adult novels. Their  plots are different; in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer we got a lovesick teenager which falls in love with 100 years old vampire, in Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick a seventeen year old girl meets a fallen angel (same with Fallen by Lauren Kate), in 13 reasons why by Jay Asher we meet a boy who face the reasons why a girl killed her self, we have EyeLash by Jess C. Scott which tells the story of a girl’s life and then I have to mention Ghostland by Jory Strong which is erotic fantasy but still listed as a YA-novel. 

What’s common for all of those books I mentioned: all of them contains a love story (small or big) and all of them involve teenagers aged 17-20. 

So what is makes a book to fit into the YA-category. Is the only two key-points and that is it? Does it only have to be about young people and their love stories, and if those two are in you can place it in that category no matter what? 

Right now I’m trying to go fishing in the ocean of agencies. I put in my keyword: Young Adult, and then I sometimes changes to fantasy. But really, I’m clueless. What researching has made me sure of is that my manuscript is not fantasy because it is set in the real world, but it had witches and vampires in it and hidden secret countries. Does that make it a YA-novel? My main character is a seventeen or eighteen (I have to set it in stone soon) years old girl, and there is a small love story in it, but the love story isn’t the main story. 

So here’s my confusion: my manuscript contains elements from fantasy, and it contains elements from the YA-genre, when I send out a query, can I send it to an agent who only accept YA-manuscripts or an agent who only accepts fantasy manuscripts? Or do I have to find an agent who accepts both YA and fantasy? Maybe I can send a query to all of them?
Right now I’m absolutely clueless, and don’t know what to do at all. Another tricky thing is that I have to make sure the agent also accept international queries. 

Have you got any advice for me? Feel free to share, I would be grateful.

3 responses to “What is a YA-novel? What genre fits my manuscript?

  1. Query all. The novel is what you say it is. THEN it is what your agent says it is. THEN (ultimately) it is what your publisher says it is and at that point what you think won’t matter.

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  2. Been wondering the same thing myself. Though my novel is not written for the YA market at all but it could technically appeal to them. Good luck with the queries. I will be doing that shortly, sometime in October.

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