Happy birthday “=Fredrikstad”

Today a magazin called =Fredrikstad had its first birthday. It’s a magazine which is sold by drug addicts to give them a legal way to earn money easy on their own. =Fredrikstad is connected to a huge group which has similar magazines in 40 countries.    

The “party” started with out Mayor sharing a short very impersonal speech which I really, really hope she wrote herself. There was lots of local artists showing up singing a song or two, actors and actresses made small plays.
Many people met up, which is great, we need to support those who ain’t as lucky as us to have a very “problemless” day.  

Man with paper in his ears

Saving Glorias

 A rock/metal (the term changes from whom you ask) band showed up, and there was a lot of old people there. AndI just assume it was a metal band? Shoot me if I’m wrong. They were called Saving Gloria (Sorry if spelled wrong) and while they were performing, songs that was actually pretty good, a old man putted paper in his ears.
I found that I actually liked Saving Glorias and that they have a single available on iTunes, go and buy everyone, support Fredrikstad. (No one will actually do that will they?? Just my saying, no one ever listen…)
They performed four songs and I think the one available on iTunes is called “For you”, again shoot me if I’m wrong. Anyway, it was one of the few performances I enjoyed.
What was most entertaining was a old couple sitting in font of us and the lady touched the mans thigh and he jumped and grabbed hold on his wallet for dear life….    

Klaus Hagerup

Klaus Hagerup was there too, reading poems of his mother Inger Hagerup. It was amazing, I love Inger Hegerup’s poems, they are so easy. Of course I’m talking about her poems for children and not her romantic/erotic ones…    

A few other rather wired people was on stage. Like three men that preformed folk music. “There is a special place in hell for those who use folk music like that” what how they described their own music. My mum seemed to like them very much.    

Now it’s a few posts since I mention Mariell so here we go: Mariell was there too.    

And they gave away free waffles, hamburgers and hot dogs, I was almost shocked when I should buy a hamburger as they usually costs 50 NOK (about £5) on such arrangements but it was free.    

After all I did have a pretty awsomme time.

*UPDATE* Mariell is pretty amazing she found Saving Gloria’s song on Youtube. Here you go:

2 responses to “Happy birthday “=Fredrikstad”

  1. Hi Lindea!

    Thank you for nice words. We enjoyed the evening as well!

    Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World!

    Erik, Saving Gloria

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